Division 3 Council Meetings

Kiwanis clubs from Division 3 hold Division Council Meetings (DCMs) in various locations hosted by different clubs throughout the year to share information and news.

Our club hosted a DCM on March 19, 2016. Here are some pictures from the event. Thank you to all who attended!

Here are some pictures from the DCM on 2-28-2015 held at Fenwick Crossing which was hosted by the La Plata Kiwanis Club.


Jerry Peuler (Waldorf Club), Bushra Habib, Sherri Bowser, Jr. Harris, and Vic DiBella (President of Kiwanis Club of Charles County)

Emily Ferren and Carolyn Richar congratulating Vic DiBella on behalf of the club’s growth of 11+ new members.


Members of Kiwanis Club of Charles County: Bushra, Sherri, Max, and Vic

Carolyn Richar (Past Governor), TBA, Bushra Habib (youngest Kiwanian in our Division), Emily Ferren (current Lieutenant Governor), and Jenny Plummer-Welker (Committee Chair TOY 2015 and Distinguished Past Lt. Governor)